Zombie Mud Run

Our race is open to beginner or experienced runners, groups, families, and we even offer a junior heat for younger contestants. What makes us unique is the added human obstacle or should we say avoiding the undead, evil or just stay away from the zombies. Their goal is to take all your flags so bring some friends along to help you. The race is a 5k with over 20 fun and challenging obstacles. These include foam pits, mud pits, cargo nets, climbers, and much much more.

Not only will you come out more on top of life, you will be able to conquer any obstacle in life that hits you. Beating our hordes of undead will bring out a new side to you. Get ready to conquer life after ZMR. There’s something special about finishing ZMR and conquering fleets of undead forces. You will definitely gain bragging rights to having survived an apocalypse quite literally. Our 5k mud run will change you and your life for good. Come join us and lets kick some zombie butt together!

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How It Works

  • Life Flags

    You are equipped with 3 flags that represent your life line.

  • Undead Zombies

    Zombies will try to take your flags. If you lose one keep running!

  • Finisher Medals

    When you complete the race, claim your custom finisher medal.

  • The Race

    Run 5k obstacle course and escape all of the oncoming zombies.

  • 20+ Obstacles

    The course has about 20 different obstacles and zombie scenes.

  • After Party

    After the event, grab a beer or cold drink at our after party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Intelligent planning of your escape route is essential. Being quick and intelligent is your best tool when navigating to your ultimate survival. Fear and panic are your worst enemies, so learn to conquer that and keep your eyes on the mountain and LIVE!
Don’t worry yet. Find your nearest vaccination station where a staff member will give you an additional life line. If you cross the finish with no life lines, you will join the ranks of the undead.

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