Rules & Safety

What Not To Do

Violation of the rules will automatically disqualify you and you will be escorted off the course without refund.

  1. DO NOT cause direct intentional or aggressive physical contact with a runner or zombie on the course or off the course.
  2. DO NOT touch, hit, kick, tackle or do anything else that may be harmful to a zombie or runner.
  3. DO NOT attempt to hide your lifelines inside clothing or fasten them so they are not removable. Zombies are usually slow and dumb, there is no reason to cheat.
  4. DO NOT carry any real or fake weapons onto the property (Campark Resorts) or the Zombie Mud Run course.
  5. DO NOT bring drugs, outside alcohol or outside food/beverages onto the property (Campark Resorts). Approved drinks include unopened water or sports drinks (up to .5 liters).
  6. DO NOT bring pets onto the property (Campark Resorts).
  7. DO NOT bring valuables to the course area. Baggage storage areas will be available for gear. Gear storage areas will close at 1pm.
  8. DO NOT arrive to the grounds intoxicated. Participants clearly intoxicated will not be allowed to participate in the race. Race or hunt unimpaired!
  9. DO NOT steal life lines. Runners are not allowed to take other’s life lines or pick any up on the grounds.
  10. DO NOT expect any refund. No refunds will be accepted once you register for a Zombie Mud Run event.

What You Should Do

  1. DO have your race bib visible on the front of you. Participants cannot race without an official ZMRC race bib.
  2. DO line up more than 15 minutes prior to your outbreak. Each outbreak closes five minutes after the runners start. You must run in the outbreak that you registered for.
  3. DO work together. Team work with friends, family and people you do not know will help your chances of survival in your outbreak.
  4. DO make sure runners 14 years of age by the date of 16 September 2017 register for the adult run as human or zombie. If 13 or under by this date you must sign up for the Junior Run.
  5. DO follow all instructions given from race directors, staff on site, volunteers and security. Anyone not following instructions can be disqualified from the event with no refund!
  6. DO bring official ID (drivers license, photo ID, etc.) or if you are a minor you need an ID plus a parent/guardian. Entrance to the race without this is prohibited.
  7. DO bring a change of clothes and a towel because you will be covered in slime, mud and other foreign substances by the time you are finished the race. We will have decontamination areas and biohazard free zones for changing after your outbreak, so you can enjoy the rest of the event.
  8. DO have cash ready for purchases not included in event admission.
  9. DO consider wearing costumes, or team identification, it is encouraged, and it can throw off any oncoming zombies.
  10. DO keep aware of Zombie Safe Zones. These are off limits to any zombie, which include every obstacle.
  11. DO keep aware of the 20 square foot area before every obstacle and hydration area that is also a Zombie Safe Zone. Zombies cannot attack on or near any obstacles or near hydration stations.
  12. DO keep aware of the 20 square foot radius around all vaccination stations.
  13. DO keep aware of zombies, they will be in different areas of the course, so plan your strategy ahead of time to avoid an oncoming horde.

On Raceday

  1. We recommend that you arrive 1 hour prior to your outbreak time to allow enough time to park, locate registration and pick up your race package and find the starting line.
  2. Bring an official form of ID or a parent or guardian if you are a minor. There will be no way to let you into the event otherwise.
  3. You will receive three lifelines on race day. Just before your outbreak starts your life lines must be worn outside of your clothing and be visible to course officials while you are on the course. *One Additional Charity Life Line can be purchased.
  4. If you lose all of your life lines you will not instantly transform into the walking dead. However time is against you, locate the next vaccination station prior to the finish line.
  5. Vaccination stations will have a “vaccine” administered by staff in the form of an obstacle which will give you an additional life line.
  6. Crossing the finish line without at least one life line will be your demise.
  7. Anyone not abiding by these rules will lose their belt and life lines (flags).
  8. Arrive early and stay all day if desired, but most of all HAVE A GREAT TIME!

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