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© Zombie Mud Run Canada


The Race


a nonstop thrill from start to end combined with all your favorite obstacles, foam, fun and more.

Beginner runners, younger groups & families can start in any heat or  join the Junior Heat.


What makes us unique is the added human obstacle or should we say avoiding the undead, evil or just stay away from the zombies.  Their goal is to take all your flags so bring some friends along to help you.


Our Obstacles consist of Foam pits, Mud Pits, Water Slides, spartan style cargo nets and climbers, buildings looking like you are on a movie set and more.


Not only will you come out more on top of life, you will be able to conquer any obstacle in life that hits you...beating our hordes of undead will bring out a new side to you.  Get ready to conquer life after ZMR.


There's something special about finishing ZMR and conquering fleets of undead forces.  You will definitely gain bragging rights to having survived an apocalypse quite literally.


Our 5K Mud Run will change you and your life for good!


So lets go and kick some zombie butt!


Our next Race is Sat Sept 16 in Niagara Falls at Haunt Manor!



If you need help getting ready for the run visit Coach Josh Green over at Go Fitness Niagara.  He will get you fit for the next Outbreak!

Located at:


9387 Lundy's Lane

Niagara Falls, Ontario

L2E 6S4



Toll Free:  1-844-403-7227

campark resorts youtube channel instagram campark resorts niagara campark facebook niagara falls call campark resorts contact campark niagara falls